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At Carolina Performance in Raleigh, our mission as psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists is to enhance the performance of our clients, resulting in a smarter approach to sports, a more effective work life, and an improved general well-being. We use mental training techniques to build upon existing skills, develop mental game plans, achieve individual and team goals, and maximize potential. 

Dr. Jamila Battle

Dr. Jamila Battle is Board Certified in Family, Sleep, and Addiction & Addiction Medicine at Carolina Performance in Raleigh. She focuses her practice around the Four Pillars of Health: 1. Sleep/Environment, 2. Diet/Exercise, 3. Mindfullness/Meditation, and 4. Behavioral Health and Addiction. 

Carolina Performance Raleigh Dr Jamila Battle Family/Sleep/Addiction Medicine Physician

Jamila Battle, MD
Family/Sleep/Addiction Medicine Physician
888.312.0127 ext 1 


Dr. Jamila Battle, Family/Sleep/Addiction Medicine Physician

Dr. Jamila Battle is Board Certified in Family, Sleep, and Addiction Medicine. She attended Duke University for undergraduate and UNC-Chapel Hill for Medical School. She completed her residency training at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. After completion of her training, she decided to return to North Carolina where she served as a consulting associate at Duke University. During her practice, she began to see that untreated sleep disorders and childhood trauma led to obesity, mood disorders, addiction, and chronic diseases. Therefore, she decided to focus her practice around the Four Pillars of Health: 1.Sleep/Environment, 2. Diet/Exercise, 3. Meditation, and 4. Behavioral Health and Addiction.

Dr. Battle is author of the #1 Best Seller 'from Abuse to Abundance' and creator of 'Reboot Repair Rebirth®', an online healing recovery system. She has experience in treating Opiate Use Disorders using Suboxone. Her rates include motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition, she takes Medicaid, Medicare and most commercial insurances. She enjoys an individualized/patient-centered approach which focuses on YOU!

For Suboxone, please call the number above. For Intake Forms, Frequently Asked Questions, and Get Help Resources, please visit Dr. Battle's website at


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